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11+ years of extensive research in stock movements

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Intraday Experts Limited (Investment Advisor) is a pure play financial market research and consulting company. As a pioneer, we were one to introduce the term ‘Investment Advisory Firm’ in India and have been credited with introducing the same as a prominent factor in Share market tips in Trading.

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MIDC Industrial Area,  Millenium Business Park,
Mahape Road ,  Mumbai , Maharashtra 400555

Mobile No. : 7718883213 , 8097806687

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The organization was founded in 2009 with the objective of offering unbiased technical analysis, to the trading community, by experienced professionals to create a conducive environment and provide best share market tips.


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    +91 7718883213 , +91 9803540590


    MIDC Industrial Area,
    Millenium Business Park,
    Mahape Road,
    Mumbai , Maharashtra 400555

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